In almost every other way, we will still be the same company as Burger Professionals was, and will carry on with the successful platform we've spent years developing. We've just evolved with our expanded community focus, which our WEBaBUZZ product is just part of. It's almost a partnership approach where the company spends the time researching, developing, and providing the best tools, technology, and resources to our brokers in the field, so they can be more productive and take their careers to whatever level they desire. It takes away worry, expense and time researching technology options that is a large part of today's world of real estate sales. With the name change to WEBREALTY, it ties right into our flagship farming tool, WEBaBUZZ, thus providing almost instant TOMA, i.e. Top of Mind Awareness.

How We Got Here

After being the Washington State top producer and reaching the Top 100 list in the nation for RE/MAX, the Doug Burger Team decided it was time to open their own office. Production continued to increase whereby Doug was personally closing anywhere from 150 to 220 transactions per year. The stress and pace of that level of production, along with the increased time burden of keeping up with technology, took its toll, so he stepped down from production to focus on the technology side of the business.

Just prior to that, he realized that Baby Boomers were entering the "Seniors" demographic so he decided to develop a Web product, whereby Seniors could interact with each other, read relevant articles, and a number of other features. He finished the product, called United States Seniors, and sold a lot of sponsorships across the United States, including one in Seattle paying $400 per month. However, he not only wasn't happy with the overall product design and feature set, but, also, realized that this concept could be greatly expanded in features and functions, and be developed to appeal to all ages. The product was pulled in order to accomplish the vision of what today is known as WEBaBUZZ.

Hundreds of thousands of dollars have been invested in the vision, along with tens of thousands of hours in research and development, all the while evolving over time to keep up with the evolution of programming language and other conventions, especially the need for the product to be responsive to different screen sizes. Now with completion in sight, it was decided to expand the already successful platform at Burger Professionals into a more community-focused platform involving the WEBaBUZZ product, thus the name change to WEBREALTY.