We are a small boutique office of full-time successful brokers, and a cross between a conventional real estate company, and a team structure. Like successful teams, but to a much greater extent, we provide leads, business tools and technologies to our brokers. Unlike a true team, however, they are, also, encouraged to go out and create their own business, utilizing everything we provide to assist them with their endeavors. We support them, and help them in any manner we can, to become as successful as they'd like to be.

The office itself exudes a homey, warm, and comfortable atmosphere. Our brokers, and their clients, really like coming here. We have created a culture that is built upon customer centric values and service, and believe that you have to put your interests behind that of the customer, and always do what's right.

We support each other like a family. Unlike many other companies that have jealousies, clicks, and competition for the same leads and clients, our office is comprised of a team of brokers who care about and recognize the other broker's accomplishments. Seasoned brokers are happy to help the newer brokers, and everyone is treated the same. There's no favoritism.

When leads come in, they go out on an equal basis according to each broker's area preferences. Our system checks each lead, automatically, to make sure it's not already assigned to another broker. If so, it goes right back to the original broker. There's no competition for the same client.

In short, our company atmosphere, values, platform, and structure is a welcome change to brokers moving from some of the other companies, and new brokers become part of the family very quickly, feel welcome, and don't feel intimidated.


Nicole says...

"The atmosphere of the office is top-notch, with extremely helpful and knowledgeable agents—and whenever I call or email to ask a question they are always helpful and explain things for the newbie to understand. I am grateful that I have been given the opportunity to get this experience with Burger Professionals!"