We've all been there, and know how starting a career in real estate can be intimidating and sometimes downright scary! After all, in reality, you're going into business for yourself. You are or are going to be, an Independent Contractor responsible for running your own business, in a VERY competitive industry.
I remember my first day walking into the office, hearing agents talking about wraparounds, and not having a clue what they were talking about. In the beginning, it's filled with anxiety about the unknown. What do I do now? What's expected of me? How do I write a purchase agreement? How do I list a house? What do I say to a new buyer? What do I do and say at a listing appointment? How do I get clients to work with? What are the ongoing costs of running my new business? What equipment and technology do I need, and how much is that going to cost? And the list goes on and on and on.
At Burger Professionals, LLC, dba WEBREALTY, we know all this and have spent over 2 years structuring a NEW OR STRUGGLING real estate broker training and mentorship program just for your situation. It is available NOW, as part of our transition to our new local community based real estate platform, WEBREALTY.
According to real estate coaching guru, Tom Ferry, 87% of agents fail within 5 years. When just starting out, it's CRITICAL to align yourself with the right company, or risk not making becoming part of that 87%. In addition to our extensive training for new or struggling brokers by local and national megastars of the industry, our brokers are provided, free of charge, the business building tools, resources and technology that the megastars of the industry utilize to make well into six figures, and sometimes seven. After only 4 years selling real estate full time, one of our brokers is already earning approximately $250,000 per year!
We are, essentially, non-competing partners with you in your business, but giving you a larger share of the profits! We train you in the techniques of high producing brokers and handle what you need behind the scenes, freeing you up to sell more real estate. Along with no franchise fees, our "Business in a Box" approach saves our brokers over $10,000 per year if they were to have to pay for what we provide AND maintain for them. In addition, you will have a non-competing, multi-State sales champion and 40+ veteran of the industry available to mentor and help you with anything you have a question about, 7 days a week! You won't find a more comprehensive training system, accompanied by a full-time 40+ year veteran mentor, anywhere!
Launching late-2019, just after our migration to WEBREALTY, 21 of our brokers will get their own geographic and demographic farming territory as exclusive real estate sponsors for the upcoming WEBaBUZZ community networking project. We've partnered with Micro Social Communities, LLC to develop this one-of-a-kind system for the benefit of the citizens of Thurston County, and to provide a platform for our brokers to be in front of thousands of homeowners and buyers 24/7. This system will allow our brokers to be the face of real estate for their territory, helping to create a flow of business unobtainable by any other means. For new brokers, they will be able to establish themselves as seasoned brokers in a much shorter period of time.
We want our brokers to be successful. We don't want them to be a statistic, so we go to great lengths to make sure that doesn't happen!
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