What really sets Burger Professionals,dba WEBREALTY, apart from the competition is the personalized level of service, support, and range of tools, systems, technology, and resources we provide. In addition, the office manager has been with us since 2007, and is an awesome help to the brokers, especially the newer brokers, in helping them make sure all of their paperwork is in order, taking care of various inputting tasks for them , and much more.

Our designated broker is here, literally, seven days a week supporting the brokers with answers to unusual situations they may come across, how to properly word things in a real estate purchase and sale agreement, taking time to work one on one with brokers on areas they're unsure of, and training the newer brokers, personally, in how to write transactions, do statistical market analysis, and much much more. With his 40+ years experience, and over 3,000 transactions under his belt, he is a wealth of knowledge for new, and seasoned brokers, alike, and helps them deal with almost any situation they may come across.

Need graphics designed for a business card, personalized sign, sign rider, folder or what have you? We take care of that and provide you the .ai, eps, pdf, or jpg files as you need. And, as usual, no extra charge! Need to make an audio or video presentation? We have the tools for you to do that, right here in the office. Needless to say, our individualized support with business advice, coaching, training, and providing what's needed for a successful real estate career is way beyond the norm.


Toni says...

"Doug's door is always open, and I couldn't have asked for more supportive co-workers. If you are considering a change, I urge you to explore the career opportunities available at Burger Professionals."