Tools, Resources and Technology

Long before the advent of the computer, Doug was always looking out for anything that could provide him an edge over the competition. Things like signs that lit up with headlights hitting them, talking house machines where you could tune your radio into the frequency on the sign hear him talking about the features. He was one of the first to utilize computers in his business, and the local newspaper did an article on him called Homes by Computers. He was one of the first real estate agents in the State of Washington to have his own website. It was extremely basic compared to the sites of today, and he had to go to Seattle to get it built. It took six months and $25,000 for his first site! He took out a billboard to advertise it, and there are people that remember that, even today.

This love of innovation and technology is still there, but he now buys it, builds it, or leases it for use by his brokers. He's constantly on the lookout for anything that could give his brokers both a competitive edge and make their job easier and more automated. The WEBaBUZZ project is, by far, the largest undertaking he has ever done, and will pay off handsomely to the 21 brokers who secure their own farming territory.

Just a few of the many tools, resources, and technologies that assist his brokers are automated monthly personalized newsletters, automated daily social media postings, automated visual tours, artificial intelligence based text and emails to leads. There's many more such as over 900 Facebook pages and 1100 Facebook groups for his brokers to market their listings on, and for those of you who are interested in becoming part of this office, he will be happy to show you much of what is offered here. In short, it would be hard to find an office that supplied even a fraction of what is provided here, free of charge.


Cory says...

"As far back as I can remember, my dad has been a leader in technology innovations. What he provides us is absolutely incredible. You won't find it at any other company, for sure. There's no way I could be selling this many homes without the aid of this technology."