In addition to one-on-one and weekly group training, we have curriculums for brand new brokers, rising stars, and top producers. Our online WEBREALTY University brand new broker program starts with Core 1. This training takes them first through the basics of working their sphere of influence, establishing the mindset of a top producer, understanding the buying and selling process, learning the NWMLS tools and resources, advertising regulations, and our top-of-the-line business management CRM system.

In Core 2, they learn about the rest of the company provided tools, systems, and resources, about Title and Escrow, preparing for, and converting online leads, and writing purchase and sale agreements. Once they're through these first two core curriculums, they are ready to go on lead rotation.

We have invested in ongoing online training through several top trainers and high producing agents and brokers. We also include training from top coaches like Brian Icenhower, Debbie De Grote, Mike Ferry and Tom Ferry.

In addition, we have an extensive Skills and Tasks program that teaches Business Planning, Establishing Rapport, Marketing and Prospecting, Working with Buyers, Working with Sellers, Scripts and Dialogues, Personal Branding and Marketing, and Time Management.

We are constantly adding to our online training as we come across additional resources that we feel are important for our brokers to know about.


Punalei says...

"I definitely made the right choice in coming to work with Doug's office. As a brand new broker, he has been invaluable in not only providing first-class training opportunities, but he's always there for me whenever I have a question or need help working something out. I can come into the office and he drops everything to help me, and if I text or email him, he gets back to me usually within just a couple of minutes. I know I wouldn't get the kind of support and training he provides anywhere else."